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Web hosting in Kamloops gives you a way to ensure that your online presence remains after design and development enter maintenance mode. With wikADS, you gain access to a full service solution that keeps your web presence online and constantly up to date.

The Digital Marketing Funnel

Your website is an important source of leads and customers. From your social media pages, website, and blog, you place your page at the forefront of your marketing strategy. 

This brings potential customers within your sphere of influence and allows you to craft a conversion capable experience. This funnel is theoretically always available.

Always On

A major advantage of the Internet is that, with the exception of occasional interruptions, websites are always available. With the help of services such as the Wayback Machine, much of what you post is never deleted either.

This advantage is lost with poor web hosting services. Among the disadvantages of using the cheapest solutions are:

  • Long loading times
  • Disruptions in services
  • Difficulty in updating software
  • Potential Security Vulnerabilities

You need a partner you can trust and not just someone that offers a quick and cheap fix. A free WordPress website is better than hosting through a service experiencing any of these issues. The damage could be greater if customers rely on your website.

Choosing a Hosting Service

Rather than throwing money at the most expensive technology, you can choose a more affordable option. The amount you spend depends on what you need.

Consider whether you need custom software capable of handling the initial part of the customer journey, communications beyond email, and other factors that may result in more intensive yet still potentially lucrative software. Some may find there is no way around cost.

For most, you may be able to get around spending on a ground up build while receiving everything you need. WordPress offers reliable and scalable hosting with the help of a third party or simply through their service.

Security Matters

One major impact a professional hosting service should help with is security. Using your own servers introduces the potential for a security breach without the help of professionals.

A single attack is damaging. The average cost of a data breach in 2022 is $12.27 million

Full Services Hosting and Web Services Company

No matter what you desire, a full services hosting, design, and development company may be the best option for you. There is no need to pay for each service.

At wikADS, we work with customers to define a marketing strategy, design and implement software, and find the best hosting solution. Whether that solution is through a hosting provider such as AWS or through WordPress, we can help you find the best option. 

Web Hosting in Kamloops

Web hosting in Kamloops gives you access to the always on feature supported by the Internet. A single failure results in lost leads and customers. Worse, it can damage your reputation.

At wikADS, we help you navigate the complex world of creating a digital marketing strategy and the software required. Our web development and web design experts are at your fingertips. Schedule an ad consultation today and begin reaping the benefits of the Internet.

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